i’m kimberly, owner and lead photographer of kgj photography. i’m a journalist, writer and photographer and am passionate about telling stories, through the written word and through imagery. telling the stories of a moment in time, a day, a journey, an event, a life. i absolutely love photography and am always honored when asked to make photographs for others. when i get my camera in my hands, i become truly who i am.

beyond being a photographer, i take on many other roles in this life … a friend, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a girlfriend, a business woman, a volunteer, a child of god.  i do my best to be the best at each when i can and i pride myself on giving my all to anything that i do.

a little more about me….

i love:

  • live music and finding new artists.
  • to travel to far off lands, and close to home.
  • children’s giggles.
  • tattoos.
  • an adult’s belly laugh.
  • a good glass of wine/beer.
  • the cabin up North.
  • a busy, New York City street.
  • the italian culture, its people and its language.
  • people who hold doors for each other.
  • an elderly person who lives with grace.
  • to see people madly in love.
  • fathers who love their daughters.
  • my self-discipline.
  • my family.
  • my God.
  • my bestie G.
  • my Jeep.
  • CNN, and especially Anderson Cooper.
  • Lifetime Fitness.
  • my iPhone.
  • the sunshine.
  • good earth sweet & spicy tea.
  • coffee.
  • and that you’re here!